NE 202nd Street - Safe Routes to School

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John Vicente
Capital Projects Manager
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Current Status:


This project is now complete. Plant maintenance will be performed by the contractor for 1 year to be completed December 2018.



Improvements along NE 202nd Street between NE 171st Street and 66th Avenue NE included the construction of a sidewalk and a bike lane along the south side of NE 202nd Street. On street parking was increased along this street as well. Improvements along 66th Avenue NE included a new sidewalk along both sides of the roadway extending from NE 202nd Street to Kenmore Middle School. In addition to the new sidewalks, a large underground stormwater detention facility was installed to capture and control the amount of stormwater that flows down 66th Ave NE. The detention vault is approximately 2,440 square feet in size and capable of holding over 18,253 gallons of stormwater.

The excess right of way resulted from the construction of this project which opened up the opportunity to provide some "fun" elements to the area. A seat wall was added to the intersection of NE 202nd Street and 66th Ave NE. The seat wall will have a pony displayed on the face of the plinth and "Kenmore" in orange along the wall, keeping with the theme of Kenmore Middle School's mascot and colors. In addition to the stem wall, orange horseshoe prints will be set in the sidewalk leading to the school.




The City of Kenmore conducted a study in 2008 of the 68th Avenue NE/NE 202nd Street corridor, which extends both to the south and north of the proposed project area and identified it as a key pedestrian safety corridor and a direct access route to Kenmore Junior High School.   The City of Kenmore has completed the 2014 Transportation Element update to the comprehensive plan.  In that plan, the City has identified 68th Avenue NE and NE 202nd Street as a critical non-motorized corridor.   The City has also worked with the school district and the community to identify high priority non-motorized improvements in the area.

The proposed improvements will help the City of Kenmore take another step towards completing this key pedestrian corridor linking the central business district, neighborhoods, and Kenmore Junior High School. Since 2012 the City has systematically been completing the improvements required along the corridor.  The improvements along this section of NE 202nd Street will significantly improve the pedestrian access and safety for all users especially the students walking to/from Kenmore Junior High.





The City was awarded $814,056 in State Safe Routes to Schools grant funds for the project and also received $500,000 in Complete Streets Award funds from the Transportation Improvement Board which was used to help fund this project. Grant funds amounted to approximately 92% of the total estimated project cost.

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