Franchise Utility Right of Way Permits

Staff Contact

Janet Quinn 

Public Works/Engineering Department

(425) 398-8900




The City of Kenmore began administering Franchise Utility Right of Way Permits in 2011. King County, which had performed this function since the City's incorporation, is no longer issuing or inspecting the permits.


Application materials may be submitted electronically by email, by mail, or in-person at City Hall; electronic submittals are preferred. Submitting 11"x17" size plans is acceptable. If a larger size is needed, a request will need to be made on a case-by-case basis. Permits are typically issued within 7 business days of receiving the application.


Franchise Utility Right of Way Permits are invoiced quarterly for permits applied for prior to January 1, 2020, and after permit closeout from that date forward. Fees as of January 1, 2020 are as follows:

  • Application Fee - Standard Permit: $215.00
  • Application Fee - Emergency Permit $215.00
  • Review Fee - Hourly: $112.00
  • Inspection Fee - Hourly: $112.00
  • Lane Closure Violation - Daily: $518.00 
  • Accelerated Job Start: $500.00 


Applications may be emailed (preferred method) to:            


Mailed to:

           City of Kenmore
           Attn: Janet Quinn         
           18120 68th Ave NE
           Kenmore, WA 98028
Or submitted at: 
           City Hall
           Attn: Janet Quinn
           18120 68th Ave NE
           Kenmore, WA 98028
When an emergency or immediate permit is required, please contact:
Janet Quinn or Jarrett Smith at 425-398-8900
Utility permits for work within the SR 522 right of way will be administered by the City with a review required from Washington State Department of Transportation.
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