Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

The Kenmore City Council unanimously adopted the 2013 Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PROS) as a component of the City's Comprehensive Plan on Nov. 25, 2013. Over a period of seven months, the Kenmore Planning Commission conducted a series of meetings and considered comments received from over 900 Kenmore residents. The 2013 PROS plan represents the community's vision for parks and recreation facilities in Kenmore through the year 2035.

The PROS plan provides the policy framework to guide development of park and recreational facilities and includes recommendations on capital projects that would implement the community vision. Capital recommendations include acquisition of park land and open space, development of new and existing park properties and renovation of existing facilities. The recommendations emphasize waterfront access, need for active recreation facilities including athletic fields, linkages and connections to the waterfront and other key locations in the city, and the conservation of environmentally sensitive areas. Operational recommendations include sustaining support of park and recreation facilities and exploring opportunities to enhance management and maintenance activities.

The plan will be updated every five to six years so it remains current and reflects changes in community need.


Park, Recreation, and Open Space Plan

(adopted Nov. 25, 2013)


Front Cover PROs Plan

Table of Contents

Ordinance No. 13-0368


City of Kenmore Vision Statement

Section 1: Executive Summary

Section 2: Plan Context, Land Use, Geography, Demographics

Section 3: Classifications, Inventory and Level of Service

Section 4: Guiding Fundamentals and Policy Support

Section 5: Recommendations and Financing


Cover Sheet

Appendix A: Park Master Plans

Appendix B: Public Involvement

Appendix C: Habitat Conservation Element

Appendix D: Capital Improvement Program

Appendix E1: Prototype Development Cover Sheet

Appendix E2: Prototype Costs

Appendix E3: Estimated Project Costs Table

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